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prePO Architecture
prePO Architecture


Used for minting and redeeming prePO Collateral tokens. A Collateral token is a share of a yield-bearing vault, its Base Token value varying based on the current value of the vault's assets.

Collateral Reference


Used for adding additional checks and/or data recording when interacting with the Collateral vault.

StrategyController Reference


Enforces Collateral deposit caps.

CollateralDepositRecord Reference


Strategy that deploys Base Token to earn yield denominated in Base Token.

Strategy Reference


Strategy Controller acts as an intermediary between the Strategy and the PrePO Collateral contract.

The Collateral contract should never interact with the Strategy directly and only perform operations via the Strategy Controller.

StrategyController Reference


Users can mint/redeem long/short positions on a specific asset in exchange for Collateral tokens.

Position settlement prices are bound by a floor and ceiling set during market initialization.

The value of a Long and Short token should always equal 1 Collateral.

PrePOMarket Reference


Deploys a PrePOMarket and two LongShortToken contracts to serve as the token pair.

PrePOMarketFactory Reference


LongShortToken contract representing PrePOMarket positions.

The token can represent either a Long or Short position for the PrePOMarket it belongs to.

LongShortToken Reference


The Access Controller is used for allowing/blocking access to contract functions.

AccountAccessController Reference