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Discord Governance Channels

All governance discussion - whether general, or related to PREPs or Temperature Checks - occurs in governance channels within the prePO Discord community.

Discourse Governance Forum is a public forum created exclusively for Pregens to post their Proposals and Temperature Checks for community review. The forum is hosted on Discourse, a popular open source forum software.


A Precog is a representative member of the Pregen community that has been elected by other Pregens to sit on the Precog Council.


PREP stands for prePO Proposal. Each official proposal to the prePO protocol will have its own numbered PREP, e.g. PREP-1, PREP-2, etc.

Precog Council

The Precog Council is responsible for taking PREPs through the Proposal Process, and for the day-to-day operations of prePO. The Precog Council is elected via Precog Elections.

Precog Election

Precogs are elected by Pregens by way of Snapshot vote. Pregens are ultimately always in control of who sits on the Council, and may propose a snap election at any time.


A Pregen is any individual who owns PPO tokens which have been staked.

Pregens are responsible for proposing, discussing, and voting on PREPs.

Snapshot is an off-chain, gas-free voting interface that allows Pregens to vote for or against Proposals, or signal sentiment about Temperature Checks.

Temperature Check

A Temperature Check is a non-binding Snapshot poll, which may be used to gauge sentiment of the Pregen community around a particular issue.