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1. Propose

Any Pregen may propose a PREP or Temperature Check by creating a Topic on the Governance Forum.

Posts are reviewed by a moderator to ensure they follow the designated template, and automatically locked after being approved.

2. Discuss

PREP and Temperature Check discussion takes place exclusively inside Discord Governance Channels.

When deemed necessary by the Precog Council, dedicated channels can be created to discuss specific PREP or Temperature Checks.

PREP authors are expected to edit and iterate upon their PREP in the forum in response to feedback.

If the PREP involves the execution of code on-chain, the code should be well-documented and accompanied with comprehensive tests.

3. Vote

A PREP or Temperature Check may proceed to a Snapshot vote with support from at least one member of the Precog Council.

PREP votes require a minimum quorum of 5% of PPO Power and 4 days of consideration before closing.

Temperature Checks require at least 3 days of consideration before closing.

4. Enact

A PREP that successfully passes a vote will be enacted as specified in the proposal.

If a PREP passes that requires on-chain code execution, the Precog Council will execute the code behind a timelock (meaning there is some on-chain delay before the code is executed, to allow for users to prepare and do a final check of the code-to-be-executed), or later via the Gnosis SafeSnap module.