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Simulator ๐Ÿงฎ

The first thing built for prePO was a comprehensive SDK with built-in market simulation capabilities.

This unlocked the door for us to build prePO Simulator - a tool for playing out different scenarios as a Trader or Liquidity Provider on prePO.

Through the Simulator, we aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of how prePO works, including the impact of different inputs and parameters.

The Simulator experience
The Simulator experience.


As a curious trader, you could play out a scenario where you enter a long position in a SpaceX market at a valuation of $100B and exit at a valuation of $400B, and understand what your overall profit would be if that scenario played out.

Or as an LP, you could explore the โ€˜max lossโ€™ scenario if you provided liquidity for an OpenSea market, to visualize prePOโ€™s unique downside minimization for LPs and the 3 Layers of Rewards that can offset any potential losses.

Advanced Modeโ€‹

For the Precogs out there, we developed Advanced Mode.

The Simulator assumes a number of default values to simplify the UX, including for reward APRs, fees, holding periods, and valuation / payout ranges.

In Advanced Mode, you can tinker with each of these parameters to your heart's content, and see visually how various parameters adjustments impacting the market.